Our Predictions for All-Star Game Reserves

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While the NBA world is still reeling from last week’s announcement for the All-Star Game Starters, The Sideline Reporter Staff has been burning the midnight oil trying to predict the names that will be chosen as All-Star Reserves this week. With that in mind Calvin and Leif have both made their predictions, with insights on why they made the choices they have.

Here’s how the picks breakdown:

Eastern Conference

Position Leif’s Picks Calvin’s Picks
Backcourt John Wall Kyle Lowry
Backcourt Isaiah Thomas Isaiah Thomas
Frontcourt Paul Millsap Joel Embiid
Frontcourt Paul George Paul George
Frontcourt Kevin Love Kevin Love
Wild Card Kyle Lowry John Wall
Wild Card Joel Embiid Kemba Walker

Western Conference

Position Leif’s Picks Calvin’s Picks
Backcourt Russell Westbrook Russell Westbrook
Backcourt Damian Lillard Damian Lillard
Frontcourt Rudy Gobert DeMarcus Cousins
Frontcourt DeMarcus Cousins Marc Gasol
Frontcourt Draymond Green Gordon Hayward
Wild Card Klay Thompson C.J. McCollum
Wild Card Pau Gasol Rudy Gobert

Watch out for our Pace and Space podcast this Friday when Calvin and Leif will discuss their reserve picks, and much more.